Who cares if you have storytelling skills?

Hindenburg software enables storytelling through podcasting
Hindenburg software enables storytelling through podcasting

I have been looking into sales training and methods of creating a richer foreground and background voice in my storytelling. To provide a structure and repeatable method of delivering an account manager’s storytelling voice I have been drawn to the following examples of:

  • Video storytelling.
  • Podcast storytelling.

Storytelling through video

I recently came across a presentation on “The Mechanics of Documentary Storytelling” from Andy Carvin. Really interesting summary of the process of storytelling from within a documentary framework and it made me think about the strategic selling process.

As I read through Andy’s slides it became apparent to me that his process is one that can serve account managers well when they are forming value propositions and channeling them into a storytelling framework. The main structure made a lot of sense tome:

  1. The Tease — creates focus and introduces principle characters to surface the conflict or problem. Quite a parallel to what we set out to do in strategic selling when we uncover underlying relationships and conflicts such as growth versus cost reduction.
  2. The Body — 80% of the story and fleshes out the characters and conflicts.
  3. The Conclusion — needs to deliver whatever was promised in the Tease.

Andy goes on to highlight some scenarios and associated video and script techniques. Out of this I was very interested to see him discuss the matter of “voice”. In particular he suggests that most documentaries use the voice elements of “narrator voice” and “character voice”. I definitely agree with this position on voice and in an earlier blog post I raised the topic of foreground and background voices of account managers.

Seems like there may be some interesting learning opportunities from a deeper understanding of the documentarians craft.

Storytelling through podcasts

Hindenburg storytelling software for podcasters

This has become a keen interest of mine and I have been broadening from being an avid podcast consumer to a podcast creator. This has been a journey as they say in the classics, but it is a great learning experience and borders on fun.

I have started to produce podcasts and had  a really interesting conversation with Dr Adam Rapp around what social media means to strategic selling.

In getting to this point I have received education and inspiration from a number of points, including:

  • An online course through Creative Live delivered by Alex Blumberg, “Power Your Podcast with Storytelling”.
  • Hindenburg software which is “made for radio and on-demand audio, designed for radio journalists and used by storytellers”. This is fantastic piece of software that supports storytelling without needing to be deep in the technology.

As you see in the diagram above, the Hindenburg software allows the layering of the story and the sequencing or roles and artifacts…not that different to the day in the life of a strategic seller? Well worth having a look into — may even trigger a new form of engagement with clients and prospects.

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