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Strategic Channels

During the week I started to look at the history of television from the perspective of the consumer and I was drawn to the associated history of TV programming and TV sets.  As I was looking at the advancements I began to consider where I (and others) would plot their communication sophistication against the TV grid.  Wasn’t sure if I would be described as a 1970 Black & White TV, no remote and 4 free-to-air channels, or would I be described as a 60″ UHDTV that has cable and is internet connected – or somewhere in between.

Made me think –  as is evident, we live in a highly divergent world where we are bombarded with commercial messages and equally, for those of us in customer facing roles, we look to engage (not bombard) with the market through the most appropriate channel.

For some, this will be primarily email and for others it will arc from email through the range of social media.

The channel that appears to still hold the most potential for growth and experimentation is the mobile app.  We are very familiar with this due to apps we can download to our mobiles or tablets.  As I write this, there will be many who are viewing the Australian Open tennis in Australia through an app on a mobile device.

Consumer Access

Adam Carolla
Adam Carolla

Whilst this is interesting and entertaining I have been more taken by a consumer podcast app I have downloaded recently.  It is from Adam Carolla but isn’t just his podcast but the way he now packages his podcast channels through “Carolla Digital“.

The app channel is accessible through his website which is a pathway to the iTunes App Store.  But after you have downloaded the Adam’s app you don’t need to go back to iTunes for any of the multiple podcasts that are published from Carolla’s studio.  Carolla has effectively created his own network inside an app to make the consumer, his customer.

Given the tools and techniques he uses are accessible to the general public, I am wondering how long it will be before account managers are building out their own app channel and possible extending the model to syndicate their content to a variety of channels.

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