Who would desperately want to be a digitally mature seller?

My first draft title for this blog post started off with me thinking digitally but in fact was titled:

“Modern offices do not accommodate for modern technology by way of voice, video and voice to text”.

Felt a bit imprecise.

My motivation came from my personal experience and observing the experiences of others in the workplace, specifically the work environment and spaces in which they are housed.

Form and structure of the employers workspace

Digitally collaborating
Digitally collaborating

Companies such as Steelcase do a wonderful job in modernising the work environment to enable tight integration of people, place and technology.  This results in sustainable levels of improved employee productivity coupled with the physical and digital means to collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers in real-time.

Digitally meeting the customer’s communication expectations

I wonder what our customers would demand if they were tasked with designing a modernised workplace for their suppliers?

In looking for the answer to this question I have combined:

  1. Researched articles from the Harvard Business Review and MIT’s Sloan Management Review.
  2. Consumption statistics relative to YouTube and podcasts.
  3. My own experiments and experiences using audio and video to communicate more effectively with customers and prospects in my role as an account manager.

In summarising my findings, I am respecting the research and highlighting my relevant experiences:

  1. Understanding your audience matters:
    1. An Appreciation of the tech savviness will have a significant bearing.
    2. Assess their existing social media profile and engagement to ascertain the potential to engage them with your audio or video delivery mechanism.
    3. Make your message crisp and on topic.
      1. Without specifying a time limit, no matter how short your audio or video message, when the file is opened your customer will immediately see the maximum duration.
      2. As an example, if they see your message is 10 minutes and only have five minutes to spare – your message may not be consumed at all.
      3. By contrast, if your message is under four minutes it becomes a different consideration.
      4. Don’t over-edit.
        1. It is too easy to get caught up in over-engineering your production. As human beings we have an appreciation and acceptance for slight miss hits in delivery of message.
        2. Don’t over invest in tools (the links below are not affiliate links).
          1. A microphone such as the  Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB will do a terrific job at a reasonable price.
          2. A webcam such as the Logitech C920 will do an equally great job for you, also at a reasonable price.

So, who would desperately want to be a digitally mature seller?

In closing, I think the answer comes down to 2 points:

  1. Are you prepared to invest in your brand sufficiently to be considered by peers, customers and even competitors as a digitally mature seller?
  2. Is it clear in your mind what the business value is to you as a seller and your customer as the buyer in your investing time in firstly becoming and ultimately delivering, a modernised and relevant form of business communication?

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