Value Creating Behaviors – Buyers, Sellers & Social Media

I was joined on this podcast by award winning academic, Dr. Raj Agnihotri.  Raj is currently the John Merrill Endowed Professor in Consultative Sales and Associate Professor of Marketing at University of Texas-Arlington.

He serves on the editorial review board of reputed journals and has co-authored a book on Effective Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management.  Before entering academia, Raj held a number of sales and marketing positions with start-up ventures and major corporations.

A prolific researcher in the area of professional selling and sales management, Raj has special interests in exploiting the role of social media and technology in the process of value creation for organizations and customers.

On this podcast, Raj shared his research and experiences in the areas of professional selling and social media to explain the activities and trends that are governing the behaviors of today’s professional buyers and sellers.

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